The Wonder That Is Evil Eye Jewelry

What Is The Evil Eye?

The evil eye is the belief that one look can cause harm to those people or things most important to you simply by praising or envying them. There are three types of evil eyes: unconscious, intentional harm, and unseen. The unconscious eye harms people and things unintentionally. Intentional harm is as it sounds. And lastly, the unseen eye, is the hidden evil. In addition to these three types of evil is also the most common belief that the evil eye will cause things to whither away and dry up such as, crops, the drying up of milk in nursing mothers, impotency, and illness to name a few.

Where I Can I Get My Hands On This?

Evil Eye Jewelry started in the distant lands of Turkey, where most authentic beads are still made today. Evil eye beads can now be made and sold anywhere in the world. The handcrafted glass beads can be customized to your specifications to fit your personality and style. There are many different styles of jewelry ranging from earrings to bracelets to necklaces to charms. Anything you desire to have a piece of Evil Eye Jewelry protect, can be made and found. Most major websites sell some form of Evil Eye Jewelry and most accept any major credit card.